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Queen Hair 2016 Hot selling Body Wave hair

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Queen Hair 2016 Hot selling Body Wave hair


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Queen hair 2016 Hot Selling Body Wave hair


Queen Hair Products Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave 100% Virgin Unprocessed Human Hair Weave Hair Extension 3pcs/lot





Customer Reviews:

Reviews: The hair is awesome it's very thick and it doesn't shed I haven't installed yet but can't wait so far it seems like it going to be wonderful the other pictures is after I dyed it and after conditioning and drying the body wave came right back and the color took just as I wanted it to

Reviews: I'm so inlove with this hair, haven't install it yet but when I do I will upload pics , I have been a little skeptical because the price was kind of high and I didn't want to pay a lot for hair that is not good , the bundles are kind of thin sadly but thick healthy ends and hair , would highly recommend to others ! I order 20 22 have 24


Reviews: Follow My Instagram For More Pics Y_Amorosa This Lace Frontal Was Everything I Wanted And More !! I Will Not False Advertise Bad Hair!!! I WILL KEEP IT REAL!!! Honestly I have No bad reviews on this hair. It was soft, it came delivered very nice. It's true to length. VERRYYYYYY SOFT! I dyed the hair and it's still soft. The only thing is my curls didn't last long but I will try with a wand curlinsteadof flexi rods and I know it will turn out fine. It takes color VERY well. Doesn't have a smell to it. Very thick how I like it to be. I believe I truly found my TO GO TO Vendor. I most certainly will be shopping again!!! I've had the hair in for about two weeks and it's still looks fresh out of the box I'm in love lol.


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